Robert K E Mitchell


This body of work is based on my continued fascination with our connection to the ocean, water and the fluidity of time. While the visual elements in the work refer directly or indirectly to the ocean and water, the slow nature of the work references time and history as it reflects the human spirit in the context of our affinity for water. Currently, eighty percent of the global population lives by a major body of water reinforcing our biological and psychological connection to water. It flows through our bodies and without it we would cease to exist. From our conception, we are immersed in it and it comforts us.
We are emotionally connected to the natural aquatic environment because it increases the fluid expansion of our ideas and improves our very existence. We constantly evolve and move forward, always connected to the past, always connected to water.      

ABOUT Robert K E Mitchell, MDes

Robert has created wearable art and design installations for more than two decades. He is a professor at OCAD University teaching Jewellery in the Material Art & Design Department, has a Master of Strategic Foresight and Innovation and was the recipient of OCAD University’s Price Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008. He has won numerous awards and grants from arts and fine craft organizations, his work is included in private and gallery collections, and he has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. His Coast-to-Coast Bracelet was chosen to represent Canada in the Unity and Diversity Exhibition at the 2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea. Robert has also coordinated and juried numerous exhibitions, most recently as curator for “Crafting the Future”, a national student exhibition organized as part of the Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium in 2017: “Can Craft? Craft Can!”; Come Eat With Us, an exhibition of craft held in conjunction with Craft Ontario’s, “Crafting Sustainability Conference” in 2015 and “Opine”, a national student exhibition held in conjunction with the 2013 Society of North American Goldsmiths conference, “Meta Mosaic”. Robert’s diverse interests also include the intersection of design and biomimicry, applying these principles to global water issues, involving conservation and reclamation, as evidenced by his design for a patented passive irrigation system.  ​​​
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Images and videos of the process

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