Intersection A ∩ J

‘Intersection A ∩ J’ features collaboration works of jewellery artist couple Jay Joo and Alice Yujing Yan. Both artists have been working on various series exploring three-dimensional structure and surface in their personal body of works. ‘Intersection A ∩ J’ will showcase how communication is established between two distinct styles of jewellery, and how structure and surface enhance and serve the purposes of each other.

In their individual practice, Jay Joo and Alice Yujing Yan are each inspired by structure and surface but in very different ways. Both artists had a very different training background, which showcases in their personal body of work.

Jay focuses on creating three-dimensional jewellery with a combination of traditional metalsmithing technique and wire construction. He conveys a passion for innovative design and architecture by combining organic, geometric and clean minimalist dynamic forms.

Alice, on the other hand, focuses on surface and colours. She creates wearable jewellery pieces based on her own understanding of historical forms and patterns with playful colours. She mainly uses powder coating and enamelling technique to introduce colours on metal.